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Ernulf Academy Uniform

It is important that students wear uniform with pride and look well presented at all times. Fashion garments are not appropriate for the Academy. The Academy will advise parents/carers if there is any doubt over what is acceptable as part of the uniform.

All items marked with an asterisk are available online from our uniform supplier ‘SWI’, please click here for the latest price list.

Please click here to view a “How to Order Guide” from SWI.

Blazer* Boys and Girls
Academy blazer with logo embroidered on pocket.
Jumper* Boys and Girls
Academy v-neck jumper with embroidered logo.
Shirts* Boys and Girls
White – collared, long sleeve shirts
Trousers* Girls
Steel Grey – tailored with finished hems and must not be tight fitting. Leggings, jeans or jean style trousers with studs etc. are not acceptable.
Steel Grey – tailored with finished hems and must not be tight fitting. Jeans or jean style trousers with studs etc. are not acceptable.


Steel Grey – pleated, of knee length and not of tight fitting or stretchy material.
Tights/Socks Grey/black plain ankle socks or     grey/black/flesh coloured plain tights. Grey/black plain ankle socks.
Not PE socks.
Footwear Boys and Girls
Plain black formal school shoes.
They should be low-heeled (maximum 2.5 cm). Brightly coloured/white soles and/or laces are not permitted. Boots and other unsuitable footwear (including trainers) must not be worn.
Make-up and Hair The wearing of makeup is discouraged as inappropriate within the Academy. Only natural hair colouring is permitted and no extremes of style.
Coloured nail varnish is not allowed, including current fashions such as acrylic nails or gels.
Jewellery Students may wear a wrist-watch and one earring (a small stud or sleeper) per ear, in the traditional lobe position only. No other jewellery or body piercing is acceptable.
Additional items All students are strongly recommended to have a workshop apron.   Students must cover their Academy uniform in the workshops.
Each student should be equipped with:
Academy Rugby/Hockey shirt*
Blue polo shirt with Academy logo*
Shorts – navy (see SW website)*
Socks, full length – blue
Trainers, Indoor/Outdoor (non-marking soles)
Boots – Football/Hockey/Rugby – essential for safety Compulsory items specified by various Governing Bodies of Sport:
Shin pads – Football/Hockey/Rugby
Safety studs – Rugby
Gum shields – Hockey/Rugby Optional:
Jogging bottoms – plain navy
Sweatshirt – plain navy
Additional points

1.        Outdoor Coats. The Academy has no formal specification of outdoor clothing in its policy. However, parents are asked to bear in mind the image of the Academy in relation to coats. We prefer coats to be plain and without slogans. Items likely to cause offence will not be allowed. Students are not allowed to wear hoodies at any time.

2.        Jewellery. All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons and other activities where safety could be compromised.

3.        Fashions. We are aware that fashions change rapidly and frequently. We therefore ask that if there is any doubt about the suitability of an item that parents seek clarification before making the purchase.