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Student Shout Outs 16 April 2020

Daily Student Shout Outs:

Shout outs from Miss Surtees to Hollie Evans, Elinor Rickwood, Elcy Da Silva Correia, Callum Melanie and Jack Zhou for their maths

A big Shout out from Miss Miguel to Lucy Heath in Y8. Who is the first student to complete (and share with me) the 2 week Maths challenge. Thanks Lucy for sharing your previous work as well, so it can be marked and come back to you! 😊

Shout outs from Mrs Mansfield and Mrs Burton for students in both KS3 and KS4 who have created brilliant unique designs for their Art loo roll challenge!

Joshua Pearson, Skye Layton, Aaron Whitlock, Cerys Dunnett, Skye Pim, Luke Joyce, Lucy Heath, Lucy Thompson, Sarah Corby and Morgan Crook

Shout out from Mrs Mansfield to Harry McGuffey for his Lino prints she is really proud of him. They’re outstanding prints which he’s done at home after she challenged him to do some Lino printing as an extension task during school closure. Well done Harry.

Miss Thompson would like to share this Easter poem from Sam Cox year 8


Crucified on Friday

Buried in a cave

Risen on Sunday

for souls to save

when it comes to our earthly death

we will come to rest

knowing we will meet God in heaven, where life is best


Shout outs from Miss Thompson to:

Abbie Hall, Lily Colledge and Grace Tongue have shared some insightful reflections on sacrifice- well done!

Some very creative work from Calvin Bisson, Sam Cox, Lewis Chin, Maizie Jones and Alexis Moores – full of imagination!

Thank you for Easter challenges from Joshua Budd, Oskar Jaskolski and Lucy Heath – keep it up!


Shout outs from Mrs Burton for KS4 Media: Completing seneca tasks on music video component – well done!

Samuel Walker

Ollie Rockall

Euan Foster

Jake Keighley

Melissa Simpson

Archie Browne

Joana Gomes

Sophie Muir