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Online Resources for Home Learning


To support with home learning during the Academy closure please see below a list of online resources to help both parent/carer and students per subject area:

Reading and literacy at KS3

The National Literacy Trust has created Family Zone to support parents and students at home with links to video and audio resources and apps to access books. It includes a link to Audible which has been made free to listen to recordings of a selection of books.
One of our popular books in the library is The World’s Worst Children by David Walliams and he can be heard reading a story from this at 11am each day. Here are the links:



Remember that you only need to revise ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘An Inspector Calls’, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and the ‘Power and Conflict’ anthology for English literature: – Consider downloading this app to help to learn quotations


There is a free lesson everyday at 2pm on YouTube for those students in KS4, which will get them ready for A-level Maths:
Some other free websites that have good ppt, and good questions to work with: – good for GCSE practice, Y10 and Y11
Carol Vorderman’s FREE Maths resource:
Mr Barton Maths :
Each week he uploads videos regarding GCSE multi-choice questions. He explain why the other option available are mistakes, that is really interesting to work with misconception. There are 2 version for GCSE – Higher and Foundation.
Beat the Nation – GCSE Foundation
Beat the Nation – GCSE Higher   
Corbett Maths:
There is also a free YouTube channel to accompany this:


KS3 Science
BBC Bitesize

GCSE Science
BBC All Sciences
AQA Biology
Links to Biology/Combined Trilogy lots of revision sites
AQA Chemistry
Links to Chemistry/Combined Trilogy lots of revision sites
AQA Physics
Links to Physics/Combined Trilogy lots of revision sites
AQA Combined Trilogy


ActiveHistory: history simulations – Note: these are currently free
The History Learning site: good site for general research and information
Horrible Histories: the main site where you can play gruesome games! You also find the link to the CBBC site where you can watch the episodes – CBBC Horrible Histories
BBC Bitesize HistoryKS3: free resources for KS3 including videos and quizzes
BBC Teach History KS3: short educational videos on a range of KS3 topics. Note: Teach History also have a KS2 section with lots of animated history videos: BBC Teach KS2
Historical Association: history resources for extending research – lots of podcasts
HistoryPod: daily history podcasts
The National Archives: lots of free resources for home learning
BBC Bitesize History GCSE: GCSE revision. We follow the Edexcel course.
BBC Teach History GCSE: short educational videos on a range of GCSE topics
Seneca Learning: this mainly has resources for GCSE. You’ll need to select subject and then age range. Edexcel topics are found further down the page.

You Tube channels:
Simple History: animated videos for history
Mr Allsop GCSE History: GCSE revision videos


AQA Geography website – Pupils can obtain past papers from this website
BBC GCSE Geography website
Seneca GCSE geography revision website


VocabExpress – Vocabulary testing, French to English, English to French, with sound  students have login details – if not, email
Active Learn (Pearson) – Online tasks and learning resources linked to the lessons we teach login page – email Mr. Clarke (email above) if not working

Light Bulb Languages – lots of lesson presentations and worksheets on a wide range of topics
NCELP – Complete resources for KS3 lessons and revision exercises
NCELP link to full scheme of work with hyperlinks to the relevant activities – French lesson materials with audio
MFL Resources – a long list of lessons and worksheets available for free
TeachitLanguages – various resources on a good number of topics (requires free membership)
BBC Languages – A more diverse collection of resources that provide ‘stretch & challenge’
FrenchTeacherNet – Downloadable presentations and worksheets


Please see the below sites for media studies students to help them!
Seneca –
BBC Bitesize GCSE Media Studies –
Mrs Fisher youtube channel – playlist GCSE set texts –
Eduqas website: GCSE (9-1) Media Studies
GCSE Factsheets: Set Products for Component 1
GCSE Media: News resources
Component 2 Section A: Crime Drama Resource
Media Industries
Component 2 Section B: Music Resource
Newspapers websites to access:
Radio: The Archers
James Bond film industry

Technology & Engineering

Sites for Technology and Engineering are:


Tate Kids – art quizzes and games, read about art, art activities to do at home

Fitwilliam Museum Cambridge, Virtual tours:
Guided meditation-
Virtual tour of True to Nature exhibition –
Virtual art workshop, students can watch this 25minute video including a tour of the museum and then make something at home –

Virtual tour of the Natural History Museum

12 Famous Museums And Galleries You Can Visit Virtually


9 virtual tours of art galleries

Student Art Guide – advice and guidance for GCSE Art

CBBC program – Art Ninja – back catalogue on iplayer with lots of different art activities to watch and could make at home.