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Eating at School

Our Canteen

The canteen provides a range of food for the students at Lunchtime and at Break. We work closely with our catering staff to ensure food is healthy, nutritious and complies with the government’s Healthy Eating initiative.

Cashless Catering

ParentPay is an e-payment solution for schools and is the Academy’s preferred option for accepting payments for catering and trips/visits. ParentPay enables funds to be administered to a child’s account by credit or debit card over the Internet. There is a link here to Parent pay or at the top menu of this website. A letter with your log-in details will be sent home with your son/daughter on the first day of term.

When enrolled, having made their choice in the canteen, each student places their finger on a scanner to make a payment for their food. No cash or swipe card is required. During the enrolment process the software captures a digital signature of your child’s fingertip, which is then broken down into data points, similar to reference points on a map. VeriCool then turns these into an alpha numeric string which is then encrypted (jumbled so no one else can read it) and stored on our own Academy ICT server. It is not the same as fingerprinting.

Once your child goes off the Academy’s roll, his/her biometric information will be securely deleted.

If you wish to withdraw your consent at any time, this must be done in writing and sent to Ernulf Academy. Your child may also withdraw his/her consent at any time; this must be communicated to the relevant Key Stage team.


Free School Meals

You can make an application on-line to Cambridgeshire County Council for free school meals.  Their system will check your child’s entitlement to free school meals and if they are eligible for the secondary school clothing allowance.  To apply, please follow this link

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