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Daily Shout Outs! (14/05/2020)

RE Shout outs
Miss Thompson – Liv Peckham has written a fantastic answer to a 12 mark question, achieving full marks!
Excellent work on Hindu beliefs from Max Carrington and Caitlin Dale showing a strong understanding of karma and reincarnation.
Brilliant work on Hinduism from Charlie Last and Cerys Davies 🙂
Mr Bissoo – George Day for his beautiful work. It’s awesome!!
Miss Moniz – Dom Atkinson for fantastic RE work

English Shout outs:
Mrs Sherman – Elinor Rickwood for her fantastic piece of English work.

French Shout out from Mr Murphy for Lewis Wenman.
Some lovely pics of Lewis’ work, great effort because he finds French hard, but always has a smile and never gives up. You have to respect that attitude.

Shout outs from Mrs Burton for ART today.
Lucy Heath
Joshua Stacey
Brandon W
Mia Drury
Phoebe Willison
Amy Helyar
Morgan Crook
Lucy Heath for her perspective drawing for art

History shout outs
Miss Hunter – It has been another fantastic week for History work so lots of shout outs from me. A big well done goes to the following pupils for sharing some particularly great work
Skye Pim
Dominic Atkinson
Jacob Taylor
Charlie Last
Abbie Hall
Ryan Turner
Grace Tongue
Dylan Wells
Chloe Veneear
Jack Heenan
Max Carrington
Alfie Cooper
Aaron Whitlock
Ella Wright
Jack Morton
Maizie Jones
Joshua Stacey
Sergiusz Dominski
Maia Cazacu
Miss Thompson – Fantastic storyboard from Sara Manna outlining the key events of the Munich Putsch.
Great work from Meadow Docherty on the reasons for war and Sarah Corby on the underground rail road

PE Shout outs from Miss Moniz
Dom Atkinson for PE work and for keeping up with Joe Wicks each morning!
for PE work – Ella Wright, Josh Budd, Sergiusz Dominski and Jayden Best.

Maths Shout Outs
Miss Miguel – Well done to Brandon Anderson and his work constructing triangles, knowing two of its sides and the angle that is between them
Dominic ATKINSON, and his work constructing accurate triangles.
Mrs Ali – Hegarty Maths Stars
William Simpson
Luke Joyce
Maia Cazacu
Max Carrington
Billy Sargent for giving his best!