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Daily Shout outs! (11/05/2020)

VE Day shout Outs:
Mrs Mansfield – Lewis Wenman for his brilliant VE day bunting.
Mr Fowler – Emily Lamb for her VE day baking

Shout outs for great effort exercising with Joe Wicks this morning to Dom Benevento, Josh Pearson, Ms Cartwright and Mr Hemming

Art Shout out from Mrs Burton to Skye Pimm for her coffee and tea art experiments.
Jasmine Sharman for her experimental artwork with coffee.

Math Shout out:
Mrs Blacow – Finley Sayer for sending in his work on a Maths revision activity.
Well done to the following students for their hard work in Hegarty Maths, all of them got an average score greater than 75%. Remember to leave any comment in the questions if you don´t understand where you went wrong.
Mrs Ali – Fantastic Hegarty scores for last week: Maia Cazacu, Max Carrington, Jack Morten, Mia Drury, Jack Heenan, Skye Layton
For continued effort in Hegarty Maths last week: Lewis Wenman, Cerys Dunnett, Oli Blanchard,
Amy Gatward, Jacob Taylor, Aiden Spark, Ruby Cheshire-Dunne.
Miss Surtees – Year 7 students: Sylvana Barnard, Jayden Best, Shea Ferguson, Maizie Jones, Alex Kells, Ryley Morehen, Tilly Sayer, Jack Zhou.
Year 8 students: Jake Bird, Toby Brown, Sarah Corby, Owen Hicks, Emily Marlin, Sam Cox, Matilda Roberts, Poppy Saunders
Year 9 students: Alfie Astle, Hollie Evans, Ethan Griffin, Rosie McAughey, Katie Wiseman, Ellie Yates
Year 10 students: Sophie Caunt, Ryan Charles, Morgan-Jade Crook, Declan Kinsley, Jack Prentice
Excellent special continued effort to Russel Bird, Caitlin Dale, Ethan Griffin, Katie Rhind-Tutt and Elinor Rickwood.

French Shout outs from Mr Clark to Year 8 students on completing Active Learn assigned task this past week:
Nina Green and Bethany Walker (both with perfect scores of 100 %!!), Olivia La Roche, Liberty Harris, Philippa Laundon, and Erin Riley,

English Shout outs:
Miss Taylor – the following students for their English work: Morgan Crook, Ella Wright, Olivia Peckham, George Colledge.
Declan Kinsley for coming up with some really good ideas in his English work.
Mrs Sherman – the following students for their English work: Emily Allen & Joshua Budd year 8
Alex Kells, Elinor Rickwood, Lilly Colledge & Lewis Chin year 7
Dr Walker – Jack Heenan for working well on his English.

Science Shout out:
Mr Bristow to Abbie Hall Yr7 for amazing Science work.
Mrs Alford – Jack Moulds – an excellent assessment score for Motion. Sabrina McCarthy – a brilliant Score in her recent assessment. Grace Tongue – a fantastic Distance SARs Task. Josh Stacey – brilliant work in his recent Science module. Martha Wells – Brilliant effort and dedication to continuing her Physics knowledge

History Shout outs from Dr Walker
Katie Rhind-Tutt for her excellent history work. Her Martin Luther Speech was so persuasive with excellent use of sophisticated language, well-structured and employing convincing rhetorical devices.
Well done too to Jayden Best for persevering with his history.

Shout out from Mr Cook for Alfie Astle for completing his business presentation.

Media Shout outs from Mrs Burton:
Euan Foster, Samuel Walker, Abbie Thomson, Charlie McGuffey and Oliver Rockall for their persistent hard work in answering exam style media questions in preparing for their media assessment.
Elinor Rickwood – for her contribution to the Ernulf@Home webpages

Miss Thompson’s shout outs
Excellent special continued effort to Russel Bird, Caitlin Dale, Ethan Griffin, Katie Rhind-Tutt and Elinor Rickwood
Some great work from Y7: Lewis Wenman, Elinor Rickwood, Alfie Cooper, Chloe Veneear, Sergiusz Dominski, Lily Colledge, Jack Heenan, Joshua Stacey, Alex Kells, Eliza Fuller and Emily Lamb.
Thank you to Brandon Anderson who is consistently completing good work in humanities and sending it through to me.
Tilly Sayer has written a brilliant piece to explain the diversity of Hinduism.
Thank you to Ollie Rockall and Sara Mannaa for great effort in History.
Special shout out to Meadow Docherty who has been working extremely hard on evaluation essays.