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KS4 Science

Combined Science (Trilogy)

More commonly known as ‘Double Science’, students studying the Combined Science: Trilogy will cover the three Science disciplines. Students will study separate units of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Combined Science: Trilogy takes a logical and coherent journey through the new Science curriculum and will provide a solid foundation to studying Science at A level and is worth two GCSEs.

In Double Science each exam is worth 70 marks and represents 16.67% of the final grade. At the end of Year 11 you will be awarded a double grade.

Six Papers: Two Biology, two Chemistry and two Physics. Each will assess different topics and all will be sat at the end of Year 11.

Assessment Method: There are a number of required practicals students complete during the course. These practicals are assessed through the final exams.

Tiers: Foundation or Higher

Question Types: Multiple choice, structured, closed, short answer and open response.


Triple Science

You may be offered the chance to study Triple Science during your Science lessons. Here you will study separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

You will study the same content as for double Science but with some additional topics that are only part of the separate GCSEs.

You will still take 6 exams – two for each Science subject. Each exam will be 100 marks and will be worth 50% of the final grade.