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KS4 Music

This Music BTEC award is approached through units to teach and assess students on specific musical skills, as well as their employability skills within the music industry. The course teaches many employability skills students can translate across different subjects and careers. Assessment is completed by staff for three of the four units, with one assessed by external examination.

What will you study?

Introducing Music Sequencing (Staff Assessed Unit)
You will use sequencing software packages to create music in response to a realistic, music-industry-led brief. Learn how software is now capable of producing high-quality music that even recently was only possible with large and expensive hardware-based systems. Learn how to create music using a variety of sources, including loops and software instruments; edit your music by the application of different processes such as quantisation, looping and note editing, and enhance the sound by the addition of appropriate plug-in effects. Learn how to create a final mix that will become a completed audio file.

Introducing Music Recording (Staff Assessed Unit)
You will use music technology to create multi-track recordings. Record from audio sources such as acoustic, amplified and electronic instruments and vocals. Learn how to control the input signals from real sound sources using gain and microphone placement. Once tracks have been recorded, mix these sounds together into a finished recording using processing tools such as reverb, chorus and EQ.

The Music Industry (Exam Assessed Unit)
You will learn how the music industry actually works, and how you can best work within it once you have left education. Understanding the business of music is vital for genuine careers in the music industry, and other potential future careers. While the unit is focussed on the business, promotion, and management of Music, the core business skills that are taught are incredibly useful and transferable to other roles and potential futures.

Managing a Music Product (Staff Assessed Unit)
This unit teaches students about the direct creation, promotion, and production of a musical product. Students will put together a live show from scratch (within the academy) selecting artists, songs, the theme, building the promotional materials, getting the message out there, managing Health and Safety (supervised and checked with staff, of course) and running the actual event itself. Again, this teaches many invaluable and transferable skills.

Assessment Method: Coursework + Examination

You will be assessed on:

  • Ability to create Music using sequencing software
  • Ability to record and mix Music in a studio environment
  • Ability to self-manage work, and to create a musical product with peers
  • Your understanding of the Music Industry

There is one written examination for this course, which will take place in Year 11. The written examination is on The Music Industry. All other units are internally assessed by Music Staff, through evidence portfolios (Videos/ Photos/Written Logs/ Etc.)