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KS4 Media

Media Studies is a creative and practical subject which offers students exciting new opportunities for high levels of achievement. It prepares students for any courses or employment where they need to communicate or analyse the communication of others. It gives them confidence in using specialist equipment and methods of presentation.

The Media department therefore has a range of specialised media equipment to enable delivery of the curriculum at all key stages. These include a MAC editing suite, digital video cameras digital voice recorders and still cameras. We use a range of Media software including Adobe Photoshop and Final cut pro.

Most of us watch films, watch TV and use social media and websites. Media Studies give us the skills to understand how the media influences us and how we use it.

You will learn about the media industry and how camera, sound, editing and mise en scene are used to target an audience and how people watch and respond to the media forms.

Each media form will have a historical and contemporary set product that you will analyse in depth.

You will study the following media forms:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Advertising and Marketing
  • Film
  • Video Games
  • Radio
  • Music Video’s and Online Media
  • TV

Of course creative work is also important and you will use media software to make short films and print texts; helping you to learn theory through practice throughout media studies.

Assessment will be a combination of 70% exam and 30% non-exam production work.

There are written and practical components. The non-exam production will be an individual media product for a specific audience in response to a brief. It will involve using Photoshop to create a print based media product, whilst using the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the course