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KS4 Mathematics

Students will be studying an expanded curriculum, with a much greater emphasis on problem solving.

The new content is designed to build on KS2 and KS3 content, which has been introduced at the same time. Specific details can be read at the following website address:

The key areas of study are:

  • Numbers
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, Proportion and Rates of Change
  • Geometry and Measures
  • Probability and Statistics

Not only will you further your basic numeracy, but you will also improve your problem-solving skills and your understanding of how to interpret and handle numbers and mathematical information (functional skills) that you will meet in everyday life. Mathematics is a versatile tool that can be used to help you in many other subjects, such as Science.

Assessment Method – The new Math GCSE will be assessed by three examinations, each lasting 1 hour 30 mins. The first of these papers is a non-calculator paper.