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KS4 Geography

Our new GCSE Geography course is written by AQA who have a number of excellent resources available including a brand new textbook and a number of online resources.

The course covers a wide range of topics, so you should never be bored. Everything from the impacts of earthquakes, to the management of cities is covered. There is also the opportunity for you to further develop and practise your numeracy and literacy skills, as well as become a more independent learner, through building good research and investigation skills.

There is no coursework for this GCSE but students will need to participate in 2 compulsory sessions of fieldwork which they will be examined on during Paper 3. The fieldwork will take place in the Summer term of year 10.

Assessment Method:

Paper 1: Living with the physical environment. 1 hour 30 mins paper worth 35%

  • Section A: Challenge of natural hazards:
  • earthquakes, weather hazards, climate change.
  • Section B: The living world:
  • ecosystems, tropical rainforests, hot deserts.
  • Section C: Physical landscapes in the UK:
  • coastal landscapes, river landscapes

Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment. 1 hour 30 mins paper worth 35%

  • Section A: Urban issues and challenges,
  • urban world, urban change in the UK, urban sustainability.
  • Section B: The changing economic world, the development gap, newly emerging economies, the changing UK economy.
  • Section C: The challenge of resource management, food management.

Paper 3: Application and Skills. 1 hour 15 mins paper worth 30%

Issue evaluation, fieldwork, geographical skills.