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KS4 Food & Nutrition

This course will equip students with knowledge, understanding and skills in the following:

  • Practical cookery (usually once a week).
  • Applying principles of food science.
  • Making informed choices about food and nutrition.

This will enable students to feed themselves, and others, affordably and nutritiously, now and later on in life.

Over the two-year course students will:

  • Explore a variety of food commodities
  • Learn about nutrition
  • Gain knowledge of the science of food
  • Consider food spoilage and how it can be prevented
  • Learn a variety of cooking and food preparation methods
  • Gain knowledge of diet and good health
  • Consider food manufacture and production
  • Discuss sustainability
  • Experience meal planning

The Non-Examined Assessment (NEA) is divided into two parts which are both undertaken in Year 11:

  • A scientific investigation into the preparation and cooking of food, for example ‘pastry’ (15% of final grade).
  • Creating dishes to form a menu, including research, trialling and tasting, cooking, presenting and evaluating (35% of final grade).