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KS4 Drama

Drama is a practical, engaging and creative BTEC course. It provides opportunities to examine performance, aspects of how it is made and an insight into the workings of the industry.

This course will help you become an independent student, critical thinker and effective decision-makers – all personal attributes that can make you stand out as you progress through education and into employment.

It will ignite your creativity, passion and interests. It provides freedom to experiment and take risks whilst working on developing your own style, leadership and collaboration skills.

Component 1
Students learn about different styles, genres and forms of theatre to apply knowledge and skills to a brief. This component is compiled of both practical and written work.

Component 2
Students develop their performing skills by creating a showcase with a rehearsal log.

Component 3
This brings together all of the skills and knowledge gained from the 2 years of BTEC and enables the students to apply them to a devised performance based on a brief given by the exam board.

How can you support your child/resources?

Students who are exposed to performances of different styles and genres, both live and recoded, achieve higher grades in Key Stage 4. The Cambridge Arts Theatre, The Junction, ADC and Mumford Theatre offer some excellent choices for young people today. Video streaming websites such as YouTube have amateur performances to view that are just as valid as professional performances. Websites such as National Theatre and Bitesize also have videos and resources that are useful and aimed at students.