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KS4 Business Studies

Do you want to know more about…

  • Different types of businesses?
  • How businesses link with the world around you?
  • What businesses do?
  • The possibilities for working in business.
  • How businesses work?

Business makes the world go round. It creates the wealth we enjoy. Our economy depends on it. Employers are hiring people who understand what business is all about and how it works. They want employees who are self-motivated, able to work well in a team and communicate effectively.

The new Level 2 BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise has been developed to provide knowledge of business skills for students interested in any kind of business career. This Certificate at Level 2 can lead onto Diplomas at Level 3, A-levels at 6th Form, work, an apprenticeship or other training courses.

By choosing BTEC Enterprise you will be following a course which will look at issues such as:

  • How do you set up and run a business? Would you be any good at it?
  • How do businesses communicate effectively with each other and customers?
  • What is the role of individuals in helping an organisation to run effectively?
  • How does the internet help business and how are businesses using it more and more?

The course consists of three components of work.

Component 1: Exploring Enterprises (Internally assessed coursework worth 30%)

Component 2: Planning and running an Enterprise (Internally assessed coursework worth 30%)

Component 3: Promotion and Finance (Externally assessed exam worth 40%)