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KS4 Art

In Year 10, there is a strong emphasis on skills building. You will be able to explore different specialisms, including Photography, Drawing, Painting and Printmaking. You will be encouraged to develop and experiment with ideas, methods and media to improve upon and expand your artistic knowledge. You will complete a short project in Year 10, based on a specific starting point.

The main Coursework Project starts in the summer of Year 10. You will be given a set starting point from which you will create your own project brief. The project will involve studying and learning from the work of other artists, as well as developing your practical skills through experimentation with materials and techniques. You will be encouraged to work to your strengths, choosing from the skills you have explored during the year, and refining them to create an original piece of work as the project Final Outcome.

Homework is set weekly and will relate to your practical coursework. For you to succeed in this course, independent study must become an integral part of your way of working.

Coursework is 60% of you final GCSE grade, with a final examination at the end of Year 11 worth 40%.

The exam is a practical project and can be in any of the specialisms in which you have developed skills throughout the GCSE course.
The exam consists of a set preparation time (about 10 weeks), with teacher guidance and input, and a final outcome produced independently under exam conditions (10 hour exam).