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KS3 Geography

Year 7

The Curriculum Vision for Geography

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Unit 1: What is a Geographer?



Unit 2: How do we use our planet as a natural resource? Unit 3: What is an economy? Unit 4: What is weather and climate? Unit 5: Is the geography a curse or benefit? School-based

fieldwork unit


Unit One: Introduction to Geography.

  • What is geography?
  • How can geography be categorised.
  • Locating continents and oceans.
  • ASSESSMENT: Short knowledge test on introduction to Geography unit


Unit Two: Our planet as a natural resource.

  • What are Rocks?
  • Why are soils so important?
  • What is a biosphere?
  • Why are we so dependent on oil?
  • What can generate electricity?


Unit Three: What is an economy?

  • From local to Global
  • Why are Nissan in the UK?
  • Why is the tertiary sector increasing?
  • How do countries trade with each other?


Unit Four: What is Weather and Climate?

  • How do we measure weather?
  • What are clouds?
  • Air pressure and anti-cyclones.
  • How to conduct a weather enquiry.
  • Climate zones of the world.


Unit Five: The Geography of Russia…a curse or benefit?

  • The physical landscape of Russia.
  • The Russian climate.
  • What biomes are in Russia?
  • Where do people live in Russia?
  • What is GIS and how to use it in Russia


Year 8-9

Please note this information will be added in due course…