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KS3 Design Technology

Year 7

Curriculum Vision for Design & Technology

In Design & Technology (Product Design), pupils will:

Learn about…..

  • Working safely with a ‘Duty of Care’ to others in an Engineering workshop
  • Resistant Materials including various Woods, Metals and Plastics
  • The properties of these materials.
  • Identify specific Metals and Plastics
  • Using various ‘Grades’ of abrasive paper
  • How to Cut/ Shape/ Manipulate/ Drill/ Join and finish these Materials
  • How products are developed from initial ideas through to production
  • Presenting a ‘Pitch’ to promote an Invention/ Innovation or new product
  • Packaging of products and Advertising Graphics

Be able to:

  • Measure and Mark out accurately on Metal and Plastic
  • Safely and confidently use a- Hacksaw, File, Pillar Drill, Belt Sander, Electric Hand Drill, Centre Punch, Engineers Square, coping Saw, Oven
  • Operate a Vacuum Former to create Blister Packs
  • Evaluate practical work completed.


Year 8-9

Please note this information will be added in due course…