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Headteacher's Message
   Added/Edited on the 21/06/2018

Life at Ernulf Academy continues to be very busy for staff and students. On Friday we will be holding a Leavers Assembly for Year 11. I know that we will all be sad to see them leave but happy that they will all be moving on to the next stage educational journey. There has been much in the news and on social media about the new GCSE exams and how young people across the country have found them extremely demanding. At Ernulf Year 11 students have demonstrated their resilience, their ability to stay calm under pressure their stamina and their continued good humour. I would like to personally congratulate all of the students and extend my thanks to my staff and to parents/carers who have worked in partnership to support them. I know that we all wish success to the students in the summer but they can also be confident that they have developed skills and qualities which will hold them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

Meanwhile, Year 9 students have been sitting exams this week. For many of them it is the first time that they have undergone the very formal approach of taking their exams in the PA and all that this entails. We believe that this really benefits the students in terms of preparation for the future so that when they are in Year 11 they will also be able to face all of the challenges of the imposed national examination system.

Year 10 are starting to think about their post-16 choices and finding out more about career opportunities and the skills and qualities employers are looking for. They have all had mock interviews. We are very grateful to the employers from the business community and also to Rotary members who have conducted these interviews. Support from the wider community is invaluable to our students and is very much appreciated. I am pleased to say that Year 10 students fared well during these interviews and received much praise as well as constructive advice. A number of Y10 students also benefitted from talks from employers and post-16 leads concerning apprenticeships.  On Thursday all Year 10 students are attending the large annual Careers Fair at Peterborough Showground. I know that they will make the most of this opportunity to find out about post-16 options and the large variety of careers available to them.

Finally, congratulations to James, Carl, Nell and Ben who were invited to lunch with the Rotary Club in order to receive their awards for winning the creative writing competition. The students were delighted to receive their awards and were very impressed with the lunch! They were praised for being excellent ambassadors for the school.

Ms. Tracy Brogan


Headteacher's Message
   Added/Edited on the 04/06/2018

We have returned from the half term holiday with Year 11 exams continuing for another two weeks. The students have continued to shine in terms of their attitude and approach to their exams making the most of the bespoke revision programme and support offered including many attending the additional English session during the break. Thank you to parents for their continued support and appreciation. I often receive positive feedback and this was some feedback I shared with staff from a parent of a Year 11 student:

“I would like to say thank you and recognise what Ernulf Academy has done for my daughter.

 As a parent I think that Ernulf celebrates individuality, respect, ideas, and how to be a successful adult. If you can do this the grades will follow as the children grow and respect their peers. This to me is how a school should be measured.

My daughter has gone from crying before school every morning before she came to Ernulf to wanting to pursue a career as a paramedic. Although we have supported her at home, a lot of it is the confidence she has gained from being respected, being an individual and following her ideas with the support of those she trusts.

I cannot thank you enough. I keep my fingers crossed for the great GCSE results that the school deserves.”

Today I have seen many Year 8 and 9 students clutching a reading book, which is always very pleasing to see. This however is a very special book because it has their creative writing in, with over a hundred students winning the right to have their stories published after entering a national competition. An excellent achievement!  Congratulations also go to Carl, Ben and Nell all in Year 9 who have been awarded first, second and third places in the local Rotary Competition for creative writing. They are looking forward to receiving their Awards next week and our thanks to the members of Rotary for their continued support and encouragement to young people.

At the end of this week Year 9 students will be tackling their first assessed expedition for the bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.  Hopefully the practice walk a few weeks ago will have helped particularly as it was completed in very warm temperatures.

Year 10 students will be facing a very different challenge this week. As part of their CEIAG programme they will be given mock interviews by employers from the business community. This is an excellent opportunity for the students and will be followed up next week with talks concerning apprenticeships and post 16 opportunities. All of the Year 10 students are in the process of preparing for their two weeks of work experience at the end of this term. We are very appreciative of the time and support we receive as a school from the business and wider community.

Ms. Tracy Brogan


Headteacher's Message
   Added/Edited on the 15/05/2018

We have had a very busy start to this half term. Year 11 have started their GCSE exams and I know we all wish them well over the next few weeks. As a year group and as individuals, they have continued to impress both in their attitude to learning and as ambassadors for the school. They have been excellent role models for our younger students in terms of how they conduct themselves, how they value learning and their aspirations to achieve success in the future.

Some of our students have recently been competing in local Rotary competitions for Photography and Creative Writing. Congratulations to all of the students who took part and I am delighted to write that our students took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in both competitions.

Over the May Bank Holiday weekend our netball teams attended a residential break. They played well in their netball games and enjoyed many other activities throughout the three days, as always their behaviour was exemplary.

During the same weekend Year 9 students participated in their first practise expedition for their D of E. They all did well and coped with the unseasonably hot weather. They will now be confident about tackling their expedition in July.

Finally, Year 7 students spent the week learning about different careers as part of CEIAG (Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance). Our thanks to employees from Laing O’Rourke and RWE Generations who worked with students during the week.

Ms. Tracy Brogan


Headteacher's Message
   Added/Edited on the 17/04/2018

I was delighted to see students settle very quickly back to work in their classes yesterday after hopefully a very restful Easter break. Particularly impressive was a Year 8 class who were reflecting on their last piece of work. The students I spoke to were able to explain what they needed to focus on for their next piece of work and how they were going to do this. They were clearly taking responsibility for their own learning. Assemblies this week are about taking responsibility and showing respect in lessons, in school and in the general community.

It was great to see so many Year 11 students attend the revision sessions which ran throughout the Easter holidays and my thanks to the staff who prepared for and ran these. I look forward to seeing a large number of Year 11 and 10 attend the Celebration Evening on Thursday with their parents or carers.

At the end of last term a number of Year 9 and 11 students visited the ‘battlefields’ of World War I. Staff and students find this to be a very busy but thought provoking trip. As usual student behaviour was exemplary.

Also congratulations to the Year 11 students who participated in the D of E Expedition for their Silver Award, an excellent achievement and the first time we have run the silver award. Thank you to Mr Truett and Mrs Thatcher for leading this.

Finally, Year 7 students will be spending next week focusing on different careers in their lessons including meeting with employers. I look forward to seeing parents and carers at the Parents Consultation Evening next Thursday.

Ms. Tracy Brogan


SNLP Trust Update
   Added/Edited on the 28/03/2018


Dear Parents and Carers

St Neots Learning Partnership Trust’s (SNLP) resolution to join the Astrea Academy Trust

As you will be aware, the SNLP has been working with the Department for Education (DfE), the Local Authority and the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) with a view to mapping out the long-term strategic direction for our two secondary schools.

Over the last two years we have been pleased with the continued improvement at both Ernulf and Longsands Academies. We have, however, been clear that the Trust will face funding difficulties to ensure that those improvements continue.

We were disappointed to be issued with a Pre-Termination Warning letter last month from the DfE for Ernulf Academy. Whilst this letter failed to recognise the two years of progress that has been made at the Academy, it confirmed that significant investment is needed to ensure Ernulf Academy makes rapid improvement.

The improvements we have seen over the past two years are largely due to the close partnership working between our two schools, and we have been keen to ensure that the two schools continue to benefit from this close working relationship that has benefited our learners in both schools.

Following the Pre-Termination Warning letter, one of the DfE’s proposed solutions was to remove Ernulf Academy from the Trust, leaving Longsands Academy as a standalone school, with Ernulf joining another trust. The Board strongly believes that this would be a step backwards, destroying the firm foundations of partnership working that are now in place. This scenario would also likely see Longsands joining another Trust in due course as it is increasingly difficult to operate as a standalone school.

The Trust Board has never avoided making bold and robust decisions and therefore, to avoid division in the town, and to maintain and build on the strong partnership already in place, we have been exploring a number of larger Trusts which both of our schools could join. Following a presentation from Astrea Academy Trust the SNLP Trust Board has informed the DfE of our intention to join Astrea. This will help secure long term stability for all stakeholders and help access much needed financial support.

The SNLP’s core belief is that every child in St Neots has the right to succeed regardless of which secondary school they attend. By coming together and being part of a larger group we will be better placed to achieve our core purpose by:

  • ensuring greater opportunities for students, building on the robust foundations created by the SNLP and building on the strengths of each school in the new Trust;
  • recruiting and retaining our own staff, ensuring excellent continued professional development with the ability to make best use of staff skills across all our schools – there should be no need for an excellent staff member to ever leave the Trust!
  • combining and using our resources more effectively and efficiently, so that we can invest more in the teaching and learning of our students.

Astrea is family of 20 schools, with academies in Cambridgeshire and in the South Yorkshire areas. There is a very strong fit with our vision and values, and at the heart of their model is a belief in providing an education that ‘inspires beyond measure’. More detail on Astrea can be found at: www.astreaacademytrust.org

We will continue to operate in the same way as we do now, by empowering each school within the new Trust to grow and respect its own identity within a wider family of schools. We will continue to strive for an enriched experience, as well as academic success for all learners.

In joining Astrea, our students and teachers will both benefit – today and in the future. The Trust Board has worked hard to ensure that our existing core values are honoured. Indeed, collaboration, development and aspiration are core values that we share with Astrea.

Next Steps

The Astrea team are keen to meet with you, to introduce themselves properly to provide more detail on what it means to be part of the Astrea family. We will therefore be hosting a parents evening with details to be confirmed.

It is through clear leadership, service to our students, and high aspirations in our schools that we will inspire and embed our shared core values in our learners, staff and communities. The decision to merge with Astrea is a vital element in securing improvement and success for all of the young people in our care. We thank you for your continued support of our learners and we look forward to the exciting prospects that may evolve as a joining together with Astrea.

Yours sincerely

Karl Wainwright                       Rick Carroll

Chair of SNLP Trust              CEO