Head Teacher's Message
Message from the Headteacher
Added on the 19/06/2017     Edited on the 19/06/2017 10:21:45

I am always very impressed with just how much our young people can achieve given the right opportunities.

This week we received an update from Camps International, an organisation who run projects to improve the lives of others in Africa, Asia and South America.  Since 2012 a considerable number of our Year 11 students have raised sufficient funds to participate in these projects during the summer holidays and have travelled to countries such as Tanzania, Cambodia and Borneo, to work on community projects.  As part of a body of young volunteers they have contributed to over 230 projects including:

  • Providing fresh clean water;
  • ensuring more young people have access to education;
  • renovation of houses and school kitchens.

On a smaller scale but no less important we have recently launched the “Edge” with our Year 7 students.  It has been recognised nationally that young people often begin their career with excellent academic qualifications but lacking other key skills.  Ernulf Academy is looking to change this for our young people to provide them with the best opportunity to be successful in their chosen careers.  The ‘Edge’ scheme is designed, over a period of time, to develop and accredit the life skills and attributes that employers will be looking for; leadership, initiative, resilience, organisation and communication skills. This will provide students with a qualification that will highlight their abilities and skills.  Many Year 7 students have already achieved a large number of the targets in just a few weeks.

Ms Tracy Brogan