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The PE Departments Aims:
The PE team at Ernulf Academy aim to deliver an outstanding education to all students that fulfils the academy's core aims. Our team of PE specialists provide challenging learning activities that ensure every child has the opportunity to develop and achieve, thereby helping all students to reach their full potential within the subject. We offer an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities for all students, and regularly enter teams in competitive sports fixtures throughout the academic year.

Students are not only encouraged to pursue personal development in terms of a performer role, but also to take on additional roles and responsibilities within lessons (such as a coach, or official). For those who demonstrate particular skills and attributes within key leadership roles, students have the opportunity to complete a series of recognised additional qualifications (such as sports leaders courses, level 1 football coaching etc).

We aim to nurture a positive attitude towards sport and physical activity throughout a student's time at the college, and it is our hope that this will help ensure a lifelong interest and involvement in a range of activities.

KS3 Curriculum
Throughout years 7, 8, and 9 all students take part in 2 hours of physical education lessons every week. The emphasis is largely on introducing the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to develop understanding and performance in a range of activities.

Please see below for some examples of the activities that may be completed during KS3:

Rugby Union Hockey
Badminton Netball
Health Related Exercise Badminton
Swimming Gymnastics
Football Basketball
Basketball Tennis
Athletics Rounders
Cricket Athletics
Softball Swimming

KS4 Curriculum
In keeping with the national debate about providing wider participation amongst children of school age, Ernulf Academy continues to provide 2 hours of PE within the KS4 curriculum. As a result we are able to offer a very broad range of activities to suit all individual interests and ability levels.

A brief outline of our core PE provision in both Years 10 and 11 is outlined below.

Year 10

  • In Year 10 students will be provided the opportunity to take part in wide range of activities, with an increasing emphasis on developing their skills and knowledge in a variety of roles. Students are expected to take on leadership roles (such as being an official) where appropriate, and demonstrate the leadership skills learnt throughout their KS3 PE lessons. This may involve leading warm ups, or could include coaching a team. In addition, the students are encouraged to develop their individual and team performance levels across all activities completed.

    Throughout KS4 students are given the opportunity to take part in an extensive array of extra-curricular sports, and where possible represent the college in fixtures against other schools.

Year 11

  • Where possible, students are provided a greater element of choice within core PE in Year 11. The aim is very much on encouraging students to maintain involvement in sport, and again an emphasis is placed on student led learning where possible. As with year 10, a variety of extra-curricular clubs are provided for year 11 students and fixtures with local schools take place throughout the year.

Extra-Curricular PE & Sport
Ernulf Academy aims to provide a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities to students. These clubs provide opportunities not only for students to develop their performance levels, knowledge and understanding of key activities, but also aim to encourage students to take part in sport on a regular basis as part of a healthy active lifestyle. We aim to provide activities that are of genuine interest to students, and as such regularly seek input from students as to what activities they would like to include on our extra-curricular programme.

Competitive Fixtures
Ernulf Academy takes part in a series of competitive fixtures across all year groups, competing on a local, district, and county level. These fixtures cover the more 'traditional' sports (for example rugby and football for boys, netball and hockey for girls), but increasingly we are also developing competitions in a range of new and more 'alternative' activities (such as handball and ultimate frisbee).

Intra-School Competitions
At Ernulf Academy we have also developed a successful series of 'intra-school' sporting competitions for students in KS3. During these competitions, students represent their tutor group and compete in a range of sports. These competitions take place every half term throughout the academic year.

Physical Education Staff Members

 Mr M Bond - Subject Leader PE

Mr T Crook - Teacher of PE / Head of Year 8 & 9

Mr R Williams - Teacher of PE

Miss K Moniz - Teacher of PE

Miss B Webber - Teacher of PE

Mr M David - Teacher of PE / Assistant Headteacher